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Grofbreimachine voor grotere maten
Naaldafstand 9.0 mm met 150 naalden
Patroon breien dmv ponskaartsysteem met 24 steken herhaling
NB  afgebeeld voorbed KR260EL is apart verkrijgbaar.
Instructie lessen
Standaard zijn er 2 instructielessen 1 x  bij u thuis bij de aflevering in NL en BE en 1 x in ons instructie lokaal in Tholen
Bent u ervaren genoeg kies dan voor de korting optie.
Ⅰ、Features of the product
This jacquard weave machine use punched hole card to automatically control the pattern. The machine can weave two colors figured fabric, integer ring, on stilts, sculptured, and embedded patterns. It can use a wide range of raw materials and with numerous patterns to manufacture many type of open-shirt, pullover, sleeveless, skirt, divided skirt and scarf.
The machine is compact, with a complete range of function, it is easy to operate and change the patterns. So suitable for small company, private company, even for home use. This machine can meet the urgent requirement of people to continuously update the style and pattern design of wool shirt.
Ⅱ、Main specification
1. Type: Single side flat knitting machine
2.Stitch: 9mm, 150 needles
3.Suitable raw materials: 8s-36s wool, angora, acrylic, mixed, and cotton fiber.
4.Rotate type: manual
5.Pattern control: punched hole card
6.Needle select gear: mechanical needle selection slice
7.Product: open-shirt, pullover, skirt, scarf etc.
8.Fabric construction: plain-stitch, two colour pattern, integer ring, two colour integer ring, on stilts, on stilts with two colour, sculptured and embedded.
Rib bed as accessory available ( not included)
Standert 2 lessons, 1 at your location in NL and BE and 1 lesson in our tuition room in Tholen.
Expierienced enough choose your discount.

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