Passap Duomatic 80





The lock (equivalent to a carriage on other brands of machine) is used to do the actual knitting. There is a lock on each bed and they are identical in function. Patterning can be accomplished on both beds and identical knitting can be produced from either bed.

The lock can be set to Knit, Slip or Tuck stitches. Addtional settings allow for easy circular knitting of any of these choices, alternating between the beds to form a tubular knitted piece.

There are two and four colour changers available. The two colour was standard but most machines were sold with a four colour changer. The colour changer allows the knitter to change the yarn in the feeder on the lock easily, alternating between a pair of yarns or changing which of the four available as needed.

The Passap allows the use of only one yarn in the feeder at a time, so fairisle knitting is accomplished by the slip method – the first colour is knit then the yarn is changed and the second colour is knit, filling in all the unknitted stitches.

  • Double bed knitting machine
  • Standard 5mm needle gauge
  • 40 stitch repeating pattern area
  • Punch card patterning with
  • 180 (approx) needle metal bed
  • Stitch types include fair isle, tuck, slip, punch lace, knit weave, plaiting, and motifs
  • Dimensions: TBA
  • Weight: TBA
  • Made in Switzerland


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