Silverreed AG20 – AG24 Intarsiaslede


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The Silver Reed Intarsia Carriage AG24 is the perfect accessory for your Silver Reed SK 280 Knitting Machine.

The practical carriage allows you to knit as many colours in one row as you like. With this, you can knit pictorial or geometric designs without any float on the back. Explore expanded possibilities with your designs and create incredible garments every time.

This intarsia carriage is perfect for creating fashionable designs in less time. You can create bigger garments more quickly by using a knitting machine.

  • Standard gauge
  • Enables you to knit as many colours in one row as you like
  • Compatible with the Silver Reed SK 280 Knitting Machine
  • Suited to fashion, pictorial and geometric designs
  • Creates designs without floats at the back

Silver Reed Intarsia Carriage AG24


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